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Event Time and Date

Friday, March 24 2017, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Mosher Hall residents will find stress relief solace in the midst of midterms.  Three stress relief stations will be spread out across Mosher Hall. In the 035 lounge, Aggieland Pets with a Purpose will be present and available to soothe residents' worries away.  In the kitchen, residents will make homemade play dough and enjoy snacks. Both the snacks and the play dough are items that the residents will be able to take with them, for stress relief outside of the event. In the 135 lounge, residents will enjoy several square feet of bubble wrap and coloring books. Additionally, Mosher Hall t-shirts will be available in the 135 lounge.

This event will be hosted by both Mosher Hall Staff and Mosher Hall Community Council in a joint effort to reduce the stress plaguing Mosher Hall.

Mosher 144-146, 135 lounge, 035 lounge

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