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Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF)

ACF is a campus ministry for students, by students, fueled by our love for each other and for God. We strive to provide a "home away from home" where students can share their faith, make lasting friendships, and develop a deeper love for Jesus Christ...

African American Leadership Institute (AASLI)

African American Leadership Institute

African Students Association (A.S.A)

The purposes of the association are as follows: 1) To foster a greater understanding and unity among students from all African countries attending Texas A&M University (TAMU) regardless of race, color, religious affiliation, sex, sexual orientation, ag...

Aggie Actuaries

The purpose behind this organization is to help Aggie students further their understanding of actuarial science.

Aggie Adaptive Sports

Our purpose is to facilitate adaptive sports as a healthy form of recreation to students, veterans, and community members in an effort to promote the physical and mental benefits that adaptive sports possess.

Aggie Advertising Club (AAC)

To provide and promote a better understanding of the functions of advertisingTo encourage advertising professionalism through advertising educationTo develop the individual abilities of its members and To promote fellowship and free exchange of idea...

Aggie Aerospace Women in Engineering (AAWE)

To support and encourage women at the Texas A&M Department of Aerospace Engineering through personal and professional networking, and to promote our field of study....

Aggie Agora Student Committee

Aggie Agora Student Committee provides programs for students across Texas, and the nation to exchange ideas and discuss the role of citizens in the United States.

Aggie Air Corps (AFROTC)

To produce the highest quality leaders for the U.S. Air Force....

Aggie Analytics Association

The mission of Aggie Analytics is to combine strategy, computer science and statistics to make better business decisions through tools such as R, Python and Tableau