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Aggie Book Club (ABC)

To unite aggies who share an enthusiasm for literature by analyzing and discussing literary works as well as to promote excellence in reading and learning about other cultures THROUGH reading throughout the campus and community....

Aggie Business Core - International

Aggie Business Core - International

Aggie Christian Teachers

Aggie Christian Teachers is an organization that strives to educate, encourage, and excite education students for the mission field in their future classrooms.

Aggie Classics

Aggie Classics seek to provide a comforting and welcoming environment to develop well-rounded women equipped to make an impact at Texas A&M and beyond. We will accomplish this through our four pillars of community, philanthropy, integrity and sisterhood.

Aggie Club of Engineers (ACE)

Aggie Club of Engineers is a social, service, and leadership organization strongly rooted in academics. ACE is based on the premise that bringing together student leaders from all levels and disciplines of Engineering will promote success. It is founde...

Aggie Coaches and Kinesiology Teachers (ACKT)

To prepare future teachers in the field of kinesiology for the school environment. ACKT will provide alliances withe local school districts in the area, a partnership, giving ACKT members experience in the school settings. ACKT members will be mentors ...

Aggie Coding Club (ACC)

The Aggie Coding Club aims to bring together programmers and algorithmic thinkers to establish a community where members can be involved in Q&A, form groups for competitions or personal projects, and benefit from an invaluable networking experience.

Aggie Cricket Club (ACC)

To promote, encourage and develop interest in the understanding and playing of the sport of cricket in Texas A&M, thereby adding to international diversity of the Aggies. To encourage the education of the campus concerning cricket while serving as comm...

Aggie Cultural Exchange Society (ACES)

The mission of the the Aggie Cultural Exchange Society (ACES) is the raising of international awareness and cultural communication competence of students at the domestic and international level. Furthermore, ACES is committed to service both at home and

Aggie Disc Golf Association (ADGA)

The mission of Aggie Disc Golf Association will be to allow people of all ages and all genders to play the game of disc golf together and to promote togetherness in the disc golf community of Aggieland.