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Aggie Cultural Exchange Society (ACES)

The mission of the the Aggie Cultural Exchange Society (ACES) is the raising of international awareness and cultural communication competence of students at the domestic and international level. Furthermore, ACES is committed to service both at home and

Aggie Eagle Post (AEP)

To organize Eagle Scouts, Gold Award recipients, and Quartermaster Award recipients in the Corps of Cadets in order to continue the further development of skills learned leading to the above mentioned awards, gain new leadership experiences, support th...

Aggie Emeralds

Aggie Emeralds fosters an environment for young women to grow, develop, and become leaders in their community through various service opportunities, sisterhood events, and assisting children with special accommodations. Emerald’s purpose is to SHINE...

Aggie Exercise Physiology Club (AEP)

The purpose of this organization is to provide Kinesiology and Allied Health students an insight into possible career paths. We also strive to provide opportunities for the members to gain experience in various health-related professions as well as com...

Aggie Fashion Headquarters

Aggie Fashion Headquarters is an interest group dedicated to students with minds for fashion. This organization offers a place for students to get together to discuss as well as learn more about fashion.

Aggie Film Enthusiasts (AFE)

The Aggie Film Enthusiasts sets out to analyze films, contemporary and classic, and facilitate discussions about their content and form. The club is a place to explore a variety of opinions and viewpoints in the context of cinema and how it affects...

Aggie Financial Women's Association (AFWA)

Our mission is to elevate women's role in finance by empowering women to become future leaders through networking, leadership, and skill development opportunities....

Aggie FIRST Alumni Association

The organization strives to provide support for FIRST Robotics alumni as they make the transition from student to mentor and volunteer. We will continue the mission of FIRST to encourage STEM education amongst K-12 school students

Aggie Fish Club (AFC)

Aggie Fish Club is an organization dedicated to the involvement of freshmen in Texas A&M University. AFC achieves this goal through emphasizing growth in each of our three pillars: leadership, service, and social.