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Biomedical Sciences Association (BSA)

1. Promote and advance public awareness of the capabilities of the Biomedical Sciences graduate. 2. Develop a close association of interested students through group activities. 3. Actively participate and maintain responsible membership in the Executiv...

Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA)

The BGSA is an educational organization committed to the identification, development, recruitment, and academic/professional achievement of Black graduate students at Texas A&M University....

Data-Enabled Discovery and Design of Energy Materials Student Organization (D3EMSO)

The mission of the Data-Enabled Discovery and Design of Energy Materials Student Organization (D3EMSO) will be to achieve a more qualified masters and doctoral graduate student for the current workforce with a focus on graduate students in the science...

Genetics Graduate Student Association (GGSA)

We are an advocacy and social group for graduate students with research interests in all fields related to Genetics.

Graduate and Professional Student Council

Advocacy | Community | Research GPSC serves as the voice of and represent all graduate and professional students of Texas A&M University.

Graduate Student Association of the College of Veterinary Medicine (GSA-CVM)

The GSA-CVM is established to provide an officially recognized graduate student organization in order to: (a) Identify and represent graduate student interests (b) Promote graduate student participation in the overall policy and decision-making proces...

Graduate Students of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences

1)Provide activities and the social atmosphere needed for graduate students to get to know one another and interact as professionals. 2)Provide support to graduate students in the formof finance, information, and representation. 3)Take an active role...

Oceanography Graduate Council (OGC)

OGC is an organization consisting of the graduate students in the Department of Oceanography. It gives the students a voice in the Department and College affairs while providing resources to assiststudents in their studies and research.

Texas A&M Energy Research Society (ERS)

The Energy Research Society, serving as the graduate student body of Texas A&M Energy Institute, exists to work for graduate students and researchers in area of energy to ensure that their needs are understood, advocated, and promoted through...