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Arabic Club (AC)

To spread knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the Arabic language through out campus, as well as cultural awareness of the Arabic speaking world.

Black Student Alliance Council (BSAC)

The purpose of the Black Student Alliance Council is to enhance and unify the Black Aggie Community while making Texas A&M University campus more aware of the accomplishments, achievements, and needs of the Black student body.

Freshmen Liberal Arts Reaching Excellence (FLARE)

To provide freshmen Liberal Arts majors with an environment to develop academically and socially within their college and create an opportunity for freshmen to become involved with the College of Liberal Arts through leadership positions....

Liberal Arts Student Council (LASC)

Liberal Arts Student Council (LASC) is an academic and professional organization that links Liberal Arts Students to their college. The Council works to convey concerns and special interests from the undergraduate student body to the faculty, staff, an...

Philosophy Club (Aggie Phil Club)

To gather students interested in philosophy together for intellectual discussion and to learn from peers in a social setting. To give people a better understanding on how useful philosophy can be in practical matters. To provide a safe environment to p...

Psychology Club/ Psi Chi (Psyc Club/ Psi Chi)

The purpose shall be to increase students knowledge of the field of Psychology, as well as to guide and aid persons towards a successful future.

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)

We aim to serve our members by enhancing their knowledge of public relations and providing access to professional development opportunities and to serve the public relations profession by helping to develop highly qualified, well-prepared professionals.

Sigma Tau Delta-Alpha Iota Chapter (STD)

Sigma Tau Delta is the International English Honor Society. Its purpose is to confer distinction upon undergraduates, graduates, and scholars in academia as well as upon professional writers who have recognized accomplishments in linguistic or literary...

Sociology Club (SOCI Club)

Promote interest in Sociology through activities such as speakers, presentations, and community service events.

Student Communication Association (SCA)

The Student Communication Association is designed to help students interested in Communication to get the most out of their degree. This association is geared toward increasing awareness of opportunities the Communication department offers for educatio...

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