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C Battery (C-Batt)

Charlie Battery will develop well educated, morally sound, and critically thinking leaders of character who will have the drive to adapt to and overcome challenges presented to them in 21st century society.

C Company (C-Co)

C-Company will develop well-educated leaders who understand their duty, fulfill it with honor in speech and action, and have a passion for excellence. DUTY. HONOR. PASSION.

C.C. Krueger Hall Association (Krueger Hall Council)

To encourage residents to take full advantage of all the University has to offer and to serve as the general governing body of Krueger Hall. Plus Make Krueger Hall as homey as possible....

Calvary on Campus (CoC)

Calvary on Campus, in affiliation with the local church Engage Calvary, seeks to serve the students of Texas A&M University, as well as the Bryan/College Station community, with the love of Christ through the study of the Bible, worship and prayer, fel...

Camp Kesem A&M (CKTAMU)

Camp Kesem is a nationwide community, driven by passionate college student leaders, supporting children through and beyond their parent’s cancer.

Campus InterCP

Campus InterCP is ...

Campus Safety Awareness Week (Safety Awareness)

The purpose of the committee is to meet to plan emergency preparedness events and provide resources to students, faculty, and staff about the annual Campus Safety Awareness Week (CSAW) that occurs each September

Canadian Aggies Club

To promote and spread Canadian culture at Texas A&M University. To give Canadian Aggie students the opportunity to meet students of similar backgrounds.

CARPOOL (Caring Aggies R Protecting Over Our Lives) (CARPOOL)

CARPOOL will facilitate a safe and reliable commuting environment in the Bryan/College Station area by providing a free non-judgmental ride home to intoxicated students and students rendered incapable of transportation due to other circumstances....

Carrying Aggie Kindness (CAK)

Carrying Aggie Kindness is an organization fully devoted to community service. It will consider all community service projects, but will put an emphasis on cleaning up local parks.

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