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Active Minds at Texas A&M University

- Increase students' awareness of mental health issues and symptoms of mental health disorders - Provide information about available resources - Encourage students to seek help as soon as help is needed - Serve as a liaison between students and the.

Aggie Aces

Aggie Aces promotes school spirit and provides support for the Texas A&M Women's Volleyball team. We do this by attending home games as well as assisting game day operations wherever help is needed.

Aggie Fish Club (AFC)

Aggie Fish Club is an organization dedicated to the involvement of freshmen in Texas A&M University. AFC achieves this goal through emphasizing growth in each of our three pillars: leadership, service, and social.

Aggie Kolbitar Society (AKS)

AKS exists to encourage multicultural interdisciplinary discourse between students at Texas A&M University and Blinn College, specifically in the areas of language studies, literature, visual arts, history, and music...

Aggie Orientation Leader Program (AOLP)

The Aggie Orientation Leader Program (AOLP) is an organization of individuals who continually connect new students to Texas A&M by personally supporting, serving, and using all available resources to help ease the transition for them and their families.

Aggie Selfless Service

Selfless Service is one of the 6 core values of Texas A&M. ALL Texas A&M students have been added to this roster so that they have the opportunity to document their many hours of individual service and individual volunteer time.

Aggie Transition Camps (ATC) (Aggie Transition Camps)

Aggie Transition Camps (ATC) is a sponsored student organization that is responsible for transitioning new Aggies to Texas A&M University through two extended orientation programs: Howdy Camp and Transfer Camp.

Aggies Best at Being Excellent (Aggie Babes)

Our mission is to contribute to the Aggie community by creating an organization that will encourage girls to create lasting bonds with one another while working together to achieve a common goal. We strive for excellence, dedication, and diligence in...

Aggies Collegiate's Ready to Explore the World (ACREW)

Our mission to help Regents' Scholars that have earned an Academic Scholarship from Texas A&M University make a successful college transition by providing resources through a Learning Community as well as having Mentors that are upperclassman.

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