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Becky Gates Children's Center (BGCC)

The Texas A&M University Children's Center is a child care and preschool program providing care and individualized, developmentally appropriate early childhood activities. ...

Choral Activities

If you have a passion for singing and performing, then Texas A&M Choral Activities has a place for you! There is a long and proud tradition of choral music at Texas A&M University.

Corps of Cadets

The Corps of Cadets develops well-educated leaders of character who are academically successful, embody the values of Honor, Integrity, Discipline and Selfless Service, and are fully prepared for the global challenges of leading in the 21st Century....

Disability Services

Disability Services offers accommodations counseling, evaluation referral, disability-related information, adaptive technology services, sign language interpreting and transcription services for academically related purposes.

DRL Summer School RA Staff

RA Group for summer school

DSA Committee on Student Learning in the Co-curricular (CSL)

The DSA Committee on Student Learning in the Co-Curricular promotes the understanding, implementation, assessment, and improvement of student learning in the Division of Student Affairs to prepare student leaders to become integrative and lifelong learne

DSA Communications Team

DSA Communicators group

DSA High Impact Practices Subcommittee (DSA HIP)

The Division of Student Affairs High Impact Experience Subcommittee is a committee under the DSA Committee on Student Learning. The purpose of this subcommittee is to review and promote the submission of DSA High Impact Experience proposals.

Fraternity and Sorority Life (OFSL)

Functional area within stuact.

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