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Facilities Services SSC (SSC)

Texas A&M University System in College Station, Texas is comprised of more than seven hundred facilities. Some old, some modern, all with different needs and considerations, and all depend on the reliable operation of facilities services.

Fade To Black Dance Ensemble (Fade to Black (F2B))

The purpose shall be to promote diversity through dance and service while adding support and awareness of cultures at Texas A&M University and in the surrounding communities. Check out our website:

Family Law Student Association (Family Law)

The purpose of the Family Law Student Association is to familiarize students with the specifics of family law. We will make students aware of career possibilities within family law, and introduce them to influential members of the family law community, i

Family Weekend Committee

It is the Mission of Family Weekend Committee to serve the students as well as their families of Texas A&M by providing a weekend of thanks to the families of Texas A&M University. This is done through a number of events that show the parents of Tex...

Farmhouse Fraternity (FH)

To promote good fellowship, to encourage studiousness, and to inspire its members in seeking the best in their chosen lines of study as well as in life....

Feminism 4 Aggies

Feminism for Aggies' mission is to promote, develop, and empower those of all genders in all sectors of society on the Texas A&M campus and Bryan/College Station community.

Feminists for Reproductive Equity & Education

Feminists for Reproductive Equity & Education (F.R.E.E.) is a non-partisan student activist group at TAMU fighting for the Reproductive Justice (RJ) movement. Join us today to make RJ a reality in our community and beyond!

FHK Complex Community Council (FHK)

To encourage residents to take full advantage of the intellectual, cultural, social, academic and recreational experiences offered by FHK, the University and the community to develop a desirable attitude toward learning and to achieve a spirit of fell...

FHK Complex Staff

FHK Complex Staff

Financial Management Association (FMA)

Financial Management Association is a nationally recognized professional business organization. Our goal is to develop a continuing relationship between finance practitioners, academicians, and students and to facilitate the transfer of ideas and infor...

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