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Aggie Humans (AgHums)

Aggie Humans will strive to bring awareness of global human rights issues to the Texas A&M campus and provide local solutions that Aggies can take part in. We will focus on a variety of areas such as environmental issues, human trafficking, domestic...

Aggies' Non-Profit Initiative

Aggies' Non-Profit Initiative exists to equip and empower students for their non-profit careers. Learn from non-profit founders, collaborate with students who share your passion, develop skills in learning what it takes to have an effective organization.

Aggies United (AU)

The mission of Aggies United is to build a strong empowering network of Aggies that is a representation of true diversity, dedicated to molding well rounded individuals who are ready for life beyond college. The vision of Aggies United is to develop...

Baal Dan Charities - Texas A&M Chapter

To raise funds for Baal Dan Charities (parent organization) which will in turn be used to provide clothing, food, school supplies, medicines, and other aid for street children and orphans in India. To raise awareness in College Station about what Baal ...

Child Rights and You America (CRY) (CRY)

To enable students to take a stand on children's rights and seek a resolution through collective action to help out children in India....

Circle K International (CKI)

Circle K International is an international community service and leadership development organization focusing on helping children. However, our club is also involved with elderly citizens as well as other people in the Bryan/College Station community. ...

Engineers Without Borders (EWB-TAMU)


Future Non-Profit Founders

Aggies' Non-Profit Initiative is a community of students who share the passion and drive to pursue a career in starting or working with a non-profit.

Global Business Brigades Texas A&M (GBB)

The mission of Global Business Brigades is to create sustainable change by empowering students and communities. Our organization will provide a hands-on international business experience by taking a group of Texas A&M students on a week-long brigade to...

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