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Haas Hall Community Council

1. To encourage residents to take full advantage of the intellectual, cultural, social, academic, and recreational experience offered by the University and community. 2. To develop a desirable attitude toward learning and achieve a spirit of fellowship...

Haas Hall Staff

Haas Hall Staff

HardChord DynaMix (HCDM)

Our mission is to bring the finest in mixed contemporary a cappella music to Texas A&M University and the surrounding communities....

Harmony Aggies

We the students of the Texas A&M University and Members of the Harmony Aggies would like to increase enrollment of Harmony High School alumni students at Texas A&M, retention and graduation rates of Harmony students in Texas A&M University, as well as pr

Hart Hall Community Council (Hart)

Hart Hall Council serves to create an environment which will enhance the Aggie experience for all Hart Hall residents by encouraging the development of character, leadership, and identity. We strive to provide opportunities for residents of Hart Hall t...

Hart Hall Staff

Hart Hall Staff

Health Awareness Organization (HAO)

Health Awareness Organization offers opportunities that promote a healthy life for college students. Focusing and spreading awareness on vaccine preventable medical diseases and staying in good health encourages students to help prevent future...

Health Physics Society (HPS)

To bring in health physics speakers and organize activities for health physics students in the nuclear engineering department....

Health Promotion

Health Promotion

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