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AcroLeague is a place where students enhance their skills in the arts of combining yoga and acrobatics. Students will be able to learn how to base, fly, and spot which are three fundamental features of an acroyoga practice. Acroyoga allows people to...

Aggie Sisters in Healthcare (ASH)

Aggie Sisters in Healthcare exists to support, motivate, and empower Aggie Women through social events, participation in healthcare branch subcommittees, Big/Little peer mentorship, access to invaluable resources, enrichment through presentations and...

Aggies Best at Being Excellent (Aggie Babes)

Our mission is to contribute to the Aggie community by creating an organization that will encourage girls to create lasting bonds with one another while working together to achieve a common goal. We strive for excellence, dedication, and diligence in...


The mission of Chronicles is to act as a support group to those who must handle chronic illness.

Diabetic Echoes- TAMU Chapter (DE)

Diabetic Echoes is a support organization that provides socials, meetings, fundraising, and community involvement. Check out the Facebook group Diabetic Echoes or the website for more information.

Gluten Free Aggies (GFA)

To provide educational information and support for students with gluten free dietary interest or needs within the University and surrounding communities. Cultivate relationships and facilitate information flow among student body, faculty, and Universit...

Health Awareness Organization (HAO)

Health Awareness Organization offers opportunities that promote a healthy life for college students. Focusing and spreading awareness on vaccine preventable medical diseases and staying in good health encourages students to help prevent future...

Nutrition Honors Association (NHA)

The mission of the Nutrition Honors Association is to support the Nutritional Sciences Honors Program and its members through fundraising, outreach and social initiatives.

One Love (1ove)

We are a group of like minded individuals dedicated to finding and showing others the beauty in life every day through loving others, yourself, and the world around you. We want to help people weave a common thread of love throughout all aspects of ...

TAMU Nutrition and Dietetic Association (NDA)

NDA will provide a framework for meaningful student involvement, stimulate interest in the field of nutrition, and offer a networking group for future job opportunities for its members through the course of the semester.

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