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MSC Abbott Family Leadership Conference (MSC AFLC)

MSC AFLC produces two conferences, one in San Antonio and one in Austin, each of which encourages sophomore and junior Aggies to examine their personal value system and how they choose to apply it to their lives.

MSC Aggie Cinema

Film lovers bringing movies to campus. Members plan the schedules for the Blockbuster, Arthouse, and Classic film series, and staff and coordinate events, including advanced screenings and the Gig 'em Week Movie Night.

MSC Aggie Leaders of Tomorrow (MSC ALOT)

MSC Aggie Leaders of Tomorrow (ALOT) is a Freshman Leadership Organization that focuses on giving freshmen opportunities to develop leadership skills through educational programs, through Aggie camaraderie, and direct experience in leadership roles

MSC Carter G. Woodson Black Awareness Committee (MSC WBAC)

The MSC Carter G. Woodson Black Awareness Committee enhances the campus community's multicultural experience by producing programs encouraging the exploration of African-American heritage and culture.

MSC Committee for the Awareness of Mexican-American Culture (MSC CAMAC; CAMAC)

MSC Committee for the Awareness of Mexican American Culture presents programs that enrich the awareness and understanding of Mexican American and Latino cultures among the Texas A&M University community.

MSC Fall Leadership Conference

The MSC FLC committee strives to enrich the student leaders of Texas A&M University through opportunities for self-exploration, learning, and networking. Through FLC, we acquaint student leaders with faculty, staff, administrators, and former students....

MSC Freshman Leadership International (MSC FLI)

MSC Freshman Leadership International is a freshman organization that presents international outreach and service programs that promote cultural understanding and international awareness among students at Texas A&M University.

MSC Freshmen in Service and Hosting (MSC FISH)

MSC Freshmen in Service and Hosting (FISH) provides leadership opportunities aimed at enhancing its members purpose and identity by engaging in community service and program development on campus and within the community.

MSC Hospitality

MSC Hospitality is a service organization that hosts and produces programs in which our members serve as ambassadors across the Texas A&M campus and local community.

MSC L.T. Jordan Institute (Jordan Institute)

MSC L.T. Jordan Institute members assist in promoting and coordinating programs designed to give Aggies a taste of other cultures--both on and off campus.

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