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A Battery (A-Batt)

A-Battery exists to create and develop Noblemen: leaders of character who are committed to mental, physical, and spiritual development and are well prepared to meet the demands of life both today and in the future. ...

A Company (A-Co)

A-Company is one of the four minor units that make up the Aggie Band in the Corps of Cadets. Our outfit seeks to develop academically achieved, physically fit, and character based leaders who believe that integrity cannot be bought, excellence is achie...

Aggie Air Corps (AFROTC)

To produce the highest quality leaders for the U.S. Air Force....

Aggie Bandsmen (FTAB)

To develop leaders of character who are prepared to provide values based leadership in the public and private sectors of society.

Aggie Eagle Post (AEP)

To organize Eagle Scouts, Gold Award recipients, and Quartermaster Award recipients in the Corps of Cadets in order to continue the further development of skills learned leading to the above mentioned awards, gain new leadership experiences, support th...

Aggieland Orchestra/Dukes of Aggieland (Aggieland Orchestra)

To keep the sound of the Big Band alive on the Texas A&M University campus. Provide public relations for TAMU thru musical performances.

AMC Guard

The AMC Guard is composed of juniors and seniors in the Corps of Cadets who make themselves available to render honors to military veterans through a variety of aspects concerning military bearing and dress....

Arnold Air Society (AAS)

The purpose is to 1) create a more efficient relationship among Air Force officer candidates, in particular within the AFROTC 2) aid in the development of effective Air Force officers 3) further the purpose, traditions, and concepts of the United Sta...

Association of Former Fish Drill Team (AFFDTM)

To financial and morally support the freshman on Fish Drill Team, while maintaining the bonds forged out at FDT.

B Battery (B-Batt)

The purpose of B-Battery is to develop leaders of character, honor, and integrity for service of Nation and State....

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