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Pakistani Students Association (PSA)

The purpose of PSA is to educate the students and community about the rich culture and heritage of Pakistan....

Panama Student Association (PANSA)

To promote Panamanian Culture across the Texas A&M Campus and the B/CS area in order to foster a more culturally diverse environment around the campus and the student body. ...

Paradigm: Forging Model Men of Aggieland (PFMMA)

Paradigm strives to mold great men of Texas A&M through the values of passion, leadership, altruism, excellence, and enrichment to act as model representatives of the Aggie Family.

Parsons Mounted Cavalry (PMC)

To preserve the traditions of Texas A&M University represented by the cavalry and field units of the pre-World War II era. To train leaders of character, for cadets to become knowledgable in horsemanship. ...

Pathfinder Orienteering and Land-Navigation Club (TREK)

The mission of this organization is to teach the basics of outdoorsmanship and landnavigation. Cadets in the club will also learn small amounts from the Army pathfinder field... Bi-yearly culmination events to test the skills and knowledge gained...

Patriot Paws of Aggieland

Patriot Paws of Aggieland (PPA) is a group of dedicated individuals who assist in the training of service dogs for wounded veterans while simultaneously educating the public about service animals.

Percussion Studio (PS)

To bring innovative percussion performance to the university and the surrounding community. Percussion Studio is a drum and percussion performance group. The group plays a variety of percussion literature from the world of percussion ranging from malle...

Persian Student Association (PSA)

The purpose of the Persian Student Association shall be to bring together the Persian student body at Texas A&M University through community service, cultural ceremonies, and recreational activities....

Pharmacy College Organization Group (PCOG)

The purpose of the Pharmacy College Organization Group shall be to (a) coordinate the efforts of Texas A&M pharmacy student organizations across its College Station and Kingsville campuses and (b) promote pharmacy practice and the role of the pharmacy...

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