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Aggie Athletic Trainers' Association (AATA)

The purpose of this organization shall be to broaden the student athletic trainers knowledge, to identify job opportunities, to encourage the education of the general public concerning athletic training, and to serve as a community service.

Aggie Financial Women's Association (AFWA)

Our mission is to elevate women's role in finance by empowering women to become future leaders through networking, leadership, and skill development opportunities....

Aggie Graduate and Professional Community Club (AGPCC)

The mission of this club is to bring graduate/professional students and young faculty/staff together informally, to meet students from various departments and background all with one common goal of finishing professional school.

Aggie Optometry Association (AOA)

The purpose shall be to develop awareness concerning the field of optometry and the procedures for applying to optometry school. Aggie Optometry Association exists to familiarize students in the daily activities of an optometrist. This includes lec...

Aggie Sisters in Healthcare (ASH)

Aggie Sisters in Healthcare exists to support, motivate, and empower Aggie Women through social events, participation in healthcare branch subcommittees, Big/Little peer mentorship, access to invaluable resources, enrichment through presentations and...

Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED)

The purpose of Alpha Epsilon Delta is to provide an effective environment for exceptional pre-medical, pre-dental and other healthcare students to learn about their future occupation.

American Medical Students Association Pre-Med (AMSA Pre-Med)

AMSA is an organization whose purpose is to educate the premedical undergraduate student about current issues in medicine, to provide the student with opportunities to develop a world perspective, and gain valuable experience through serving those trul...


What is ASME-Tech? We are an organization where students can learn more about the Engineering field, meet leaders in the industry, and work with fellow engineers on projects to develop innovative technologies.

Association of Future Student Affairs Professionals (AFSAP)

The organization is affiliated with the Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education (SAAHE) academic program and serves as a resource for faculty, staff and students involved in the program. In addition, we strive to create professional and soci...

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