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Aggie Anglers

To grow the sport of bass fishing by introducing students to the sport and by participating in national collegiate bass tournaments. Find us on Facebook at Aggie Anglers ...

Aggie Cricket Club (ACC)

To promote, encourage and develop interest in the understanding and playing of the sport of cricket in Texas A&M, thereby adding to international diversity of the Aggies. To encourage the education of the campus concerning cricket while serving as comm...

Aggie Speleological Society (A.S.S.)

To promote interest in and to advance in any and all ways the study and science of speleology, and to promote fellowship among those interested therein. (We camp out in cool places and explore amazing caves for part of the time.)...

Aggie Yacht Club (AYC)

Promote sailing in the University Community, we teach members how to sail, we offer them lessons and regattas, our boats are also available for recreational sailing. We have windsurfing equipment too!...

Brazilian JiuJitsu Club (BJJ)

The Primary mission of Texas A&M University Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club (TAMU BJJ Club) is to provide Texas A&M University students with first rate training in both Sport Jiu-Jitsu and Self Defense Jiu-Jitsu.

Pathfinder Orienteering and Land-Navigation Club (TREK)

The mission of this organization is to teach the basics of outdoorsmanship and landnavigation. Cadets in the club will also learn small amounts from the Army pathfinder field... Bi-yearly culmination events to test the skills and knowledge gained...

TAMU Aikido

The mission of TAMU Aikido is to provide a means for our members to have a safe and controlled atmosphere for university students, staff and faculty, and community members to learn and practice Aikido. Providing a means to access high quality instructi...

TAMU Badminton Club

This is an organization where people can be involved in the badminton world, regardless of skill level and experience. We are aiming to compete around the state and train each individual to become a recognized player, while having fun and enjoying dive...

TAMU Mountain Sports (Mt. Sports)

We are an organization that connects students who share interests in skiing, snowboarding, and other mountain sports into one. We go on a big ski/ board trip once a year, mostly to Colorado. The trip is also over 50% off what it would usually be.

TAMU Outdoor Adventures (OA)

If your idea of fun includes venturing off the beaten path, then Rec Sports Outdoor Adventures program is for you! From clinics to day trips to educational courses and more, Outdoor Adventures has something for just about everyone.

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