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Appelt/Underwood Hall Staff

Underwood, Appelt Hall Staff

Aston Hall Council

This organization serves as the voice for the students of Aston Hall in a number of capacities. First, it is the liaison between Hall Council and RHA. Second, it serves as the programming bodyfor the hall. Third, it serves as the voice for the hall....

Aston/Wells/Eppright Hall Staff

Aston, Wells, and Eppright Hall Staff

C.C. Krueger Hall Association (Krueger Hall Council)

To encourage residents to take full advantage of all the University has to offer and to serve as the general governing body of Krueger Hall. Plus Make Krueger Hall as homey as possible....

Clements Hall (CLEM)

This is the hall council for Clements Hall. The purpose is to represent the residents to RHA, the Department of Residence Life and the rest of campus.

Clements Hall Staff

Clements Hall Staff

Clyde H. Wells Residence Hall Association (Wells Hall)

To encourage residents to take full advantage of the social, cultural, recreational, and academic experiences offered by Texas A&M and the surrounding community. To facilitate a desirable attitude toward learning. To achieve a spirit of fellowship amon...

Davis-Gary Hall Council (DG Hall Council)

The purpose of Davis-Gary Hall Council is to encourage residents to take advantage of all activities and experiences offered by the University and the community. To help develop a desirable atmosphere for learning and to achieve a spirit of fellowship ...

Davis-Gary Hall Staff

Davis-Gary Hall Staff

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