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Aggie Artificial Intelligence Society (AAIS)

To further the understanding and advancement of artificial intelligence and its sub-fields, as well as provide a community of support for those students interested in A.I.

Aggie Fashion Headquarters

Aggie Fashion Headquarters is an interest group dedicated to students with minds for fashion. This organization offers a place for students to get together to discuss as well as learn more about fashion.

Aggie Film Enthusiasts (AFE)

The Aggie Film Enthusiasts sets out to analyze films, contemporary and classic, and facilitate discussions about their content and form. The club is a place to explore a variety of opinions and viewpoints in the context of cinema and how it affects...

Aggie Men's Alliance (AMA)

Aggie Men's Alliance is a leadership and social organization at Texas A&M University committed to the success and fraternity of its members and the well-being of our surrounding community. Our membership consists of the finest men Texas A&M has to off...

Aggie Quiz Bowl (TAQB)

The purpose of this organization is to represent Texas A&M at regional and national quiz bowl tournaments. To facilitate this purpose, the organization will sponsor high school, intercollegiate, and intra-collegiate tournaments.

Aggies Fighting for a Cure to Kid Cancer

Our primary goal is to spread awareness about a less known, and much less funded, cancer that affects 100,000 kids each year.

Aggies Read (AR)

Aggies Read (A.R.) is dedicated to promoting literacy and fostering a lifelong love of reading for elementary and middle school students in the local community. We are changing lives in our community, one chapter at a time.

Apex of Texas A&M

The mission of Apex is to enable people to do inspiring things. We work to bring together a community of dreamers, doers, and influencers. We just happen to be the only student, creative organization on campus too.

Autism Speaks U Texas A&M University

This organization has not yet updated their description.

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