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TAMU Gymnastics Club (Gym Club)

The purpose shall be to provide an opportunity for interested individuals to participate in recreational gymnastics and to provide a competitive gymnastics team representing TAMU....

TAMU Powerlifting Club (TAMU PL)

The purpose of this organization shall be to provide an opportunity for members to compete in intercollegiate powerlifting competitions....

TAMU Target Archers

Our purpose is to provide both a financially and a mentally supportive environment for Texas A&M archers....

Texas A&M Bodybuilding (TAMU BB)

The mission of Texas A&M Bodybuilding is to cultivate a motivated team of individuals that helps each other become more knowledgeable, and holds each other accountable within the sport of bodybuilding. The team like other sports teams on campus will...

Texas A&M Bowling Club (TAMU Bowling Club)

The Bowling Club is here to establish a social organization in which the members meet to further their experience and knowledge of bowling and its concepts. Our goal is to create a pool of interest in bowling through the practical enjoyment of the spo...

Texas A&M Boxing Club

Our goal is to provide our student body with a safe and healthy environment to learn the art of boxing, enabling students-athletes the opportunity to get fit, build confidence, meet new friends or take up competitive boxing for various scholarships...

Texas A&M Cheer Squad (TAMCS)

The purpose of the organization is to provide participants with the opportunity to compete in the Collegiate Division of competitive cheerleading events. As such, the organization will not cheer at any athletic department events nor respresent itself a...

Texas A&M Club Basketball

Our mission is to give students at Texas A&M a chance to compete nationally and have fun while playing the game we love. This is the 4th year of the Club Basketball team and we expect to have great success.

Texas A&M Crew Team (TAMU Crew)

The best way to get updates, pictures, and schedules about the Texas A&M Rowing Team will be through our website!

Texas A&M Cycling Team (AMCT)

We are a Texas A&M University Sport Club whose main purpose is to promote cycling and intercollegiate bicycle racing. The team is a member of and races within the South Central Collegiate Cycling Conference.