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T.O. Walton Hall Council

To serve as the general governing body affecting residents of Walton Hall. To create an environment in Walton Hall which will encourage self-expression within the acceptable limits, and the expression of students talents in an original and creative man.

Taiwanese Student Association (TSA)

(1) promoting the understanding and awareness of Taiwan's culture, history, politics, society, economics, etc., (2) promoting understanding and friendship between Taiwanese and other nationalities, (3) promoting fellowship and providing services among ...

TAMSA American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

AMSA is a national organization created by students for students. Its purpose is to build relationships between medical students across the nation as well as within each chapter and to promote awareness of issues affecting medicine and medical students...

TAMSA Christian Medical and Dental Society (CMA)

To seek Christ and share Him with others to serve and encourage our classmates daily.

TAMSA Executive Committee (TAMSA Exec)

The purpose of this organization shall be to serve as an umbrella organization for student organizations deriving from and serving the interests of medical students of The Texas A&M University System Health Science Center College of Medicine. This orga...

TAMSA Interest Group Council (TAMSA IGC)

This organization exists to provide an umbrella organization for the medical specialty interest groups within the College of Medicine and to ensure that students interested in particular specialties are given opportunity to learn more about them.

TAMSA Med Pride

The objectives of this organization shall be: 1. To educate medical students and the community about the special health concerns of the LGBT sub-population of patients.

TAMSA Texas Medical Association/American Medical Association (TMA/AMA)

The AMA/TMA Medical Student Section is dedicated to representing medical students, improving medical education, developing leadership, and promoting activism for the health of America. The organization is involved in community service projects, student...

TAMSA Women in Medicine (WIM WIM/AMWA)

To help support and provide awareness of women and women's issues in medicine through projects, speakers, and charity work....

TAMU Aikido

The mission of TAMU Aikido is to provide a means for our members to have a safe and controlled atmosphere for university students, staff and faculty, and community members to learn and practice Aikido. Providing a means to access high quality instructi...

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