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Vegetarian/Vegan Aggies (VVA)

This group is for Aggies who are interested in or are vegetarian or vegan, and open to all members of the student body. Whether you are veg-friendly because of religion, ethics or health reasons, this is a group designed to support other like-minded...

Venezuelan Student Association (VSA)

To promote the Venezuelan culture at the Texas A&M system and other places in the U.S.A in addition to serve as a connection point for Venezuelan students in Texas A&M...

Venture Camps

Venture Camps are designed to welcome new freshmen and transfer students through these new thrilling new experiences and opportunities.

Vertical Expressions

Vertical Expressions is a ballroom dancing club on campus that provides an opportunity for students to learn and enjoy ballroom dancing. VX offers weekly lessons taught by a professional dance instructor (this semester only it will be student taught) ...

Veteran Resource and Support Center (VRSC)

The VRSC, along with the Aggie network, are here to support you every step of the way; from application to vocation! We are here to...

Veterinarians Without Borders (Vets Without Borders)

The primary mission of this chapter will be to provide veterinary care to animals owned by low-income persons located throughout the world as well as to educate and generate interest in veterinary medicine and animal care internationally. We also aim t...

Veterinary Anesthesiology Club

Veterinary Anesthesiology Club

Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA)

The Veterinary Business Management Association is a student-driven organization dedicated to advancing the profession through increasing business knowledge, creating networking opportunities, and empowering students to achieve their personal and professi

Veterinary Imaging Club

Veterinary Imaging Club

Veterinary Students as One in Culture and Ethnicity (VOICE)


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