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Walton/Legett Hall Staff

Walton/Legett Hall Staff

Wellness Living Learning Community (Wellness LLC)

THRIVE:Wellness Living-Learning Community

Wesley Foundation (Methodist Student Center)

The Wesley Foundation is the organized educational ministry through which the United Methodist Church endeavors to promote and support the interests of education and campus ministry on accordance with the Annual Conference and the General Board of Educ...

White Creek Apartment Staff

The Residence Life staff in the White Creek Apartments, located on West Campus.

White Creek Apartments Community Council

The White Creek Apartments Community Council exists to provide a forum for the residents of the university apartments to have an active voice in the affairs of the university apartments.

Wine to Water Texas A&M (Wine to Water)

The primary purpose of our Wine To Water Texas A&M is to promote awareness of and work towards a solution to the domestic and global water crisis. Our mission is to provide access to clean water and sanitation to those in most need.

With Purpose: College Station (With Purpose)

The mission of With Purpose: College Station is to bridge the funding gap for pediatric cancer research. Only 4% of the federal cancer budget goes towards pediatric cancer, and we want to change that. We will accomplish this by hosting fundraising events.

Women Helping Out Other People (W.H.O.O.P.)

To make a difference by serving others, with an emphasis on Campus, Children & Youth, Diversity, Elderly, and Special Needs service....

Women in Economics (WIC, TAMU WIC)

Women in Economics seeks to provide women in the Economics department at Texas A&M University with a community through which they can expand their knowledge of economics, explore areas of interest, and broaden interpersonal skills for the purpose of...

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